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What You Need to be an online tutor?


Basic requirements for getting teaching jobs at the UAE:

The attraction of online teaching in Dubai attracts many new teaching candidates to the Emirates every year.

That dream is a reality for some teachers in Dubai, as long as you are aware of what qualifications you need to teach in Dubai.

To help you in a future online teaching career in theDubai, scroll down below for your complete list and guide.

1. Bachelor degree

School teachers at Dubai are required to have at least a complete bachelor’s degree.

It does not have to be in education, but can also be a relevant field related to your work – for example, a high school business teacher must have a bachelor’s degree in the fields of business administration, management, economy, or other related subjects.

For main subjects such as mathematics, biology, etc. Most schools in Dubai will ask teachers to have a bachelor’s degree in that field.

2. Master degree (or higher)

To become an online tutor in Dubai, a master degree or higher in relevant fields may be needed in several private schools.

Online tutoring in Dubai with a master’s degree or higher on your belt you can give you wages, benefits, and better work flexibility.

3. At least three years of teaching experience

If you want to work as a full time online tutor in Dubai you will need experience. You will need a number of online tutoring hours to meet the requirements for teaching licenses, which will vary based on the state.

This can be done through internships, part -time work, or any teaching activities that are needed to complete your bachelor’s degree (if you study in the field of education).

4. Valid Teaching or License Certificate

Expectance online tutoring in Dubai requires the teacher’s permission issued by the Knowledge and Authority of Health Development (KHDA), which will only be given after the Ministry of Education of the Dubai gives you a license for Federal Dubai tutors.

Educational institutions in Dubai cannot employ you without valid online tutoring in Dubai licenses, because this is one of the requirements that meet the requirements for tutoring positions.


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