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What You Need To Know About Vinyl?

<strong>What You Need To Know About Vinyl?</strong>

Many music fans believe that good old vinyl sounds much better than modern digital recordings. They claim that vinyl records give a completely different sound, more soulful and rich. And in a way they are really right. The older generation is nostalgic when listening to vinyl, and the youth of EKmixmaster thinks that spinning vinyl is very stylish.

5 Vinyl Subscription Services You Need To Know - Vinyl ChaptersFun fact: Record sales have skyrocketed in recent years. By the way, real DJs consider vinyl the most suitable for cool music sessions. However, something as delicate as vinyl records requires special care and storage conditions. This is necessary in order not to spoil the very soulful sound for which the records are loved.

So, what are the rules for storing vinyl? First, minimize its contact with dust. To do this, you can close the plate along with the envelope with a special protective bag. Secondly, take the record very carefully, either by the label or by the very edge. Remember to clean the turntable regularly so that it does not become a source of dirt for the record. Also, try to protect the records from direct sunlight and heat. The fact is that these factors can change the shape of the record, which will lead to the fact that it will not ideally fit on the player’s disc. As a result, sound quality suffers. Moisture is the next enemy of vinyl. True, not himself, but a paper case and a label. You don’t want these elements to wrinkle or lose color, do you?

Where is the best place to store your vinyl record collection, you ask? We answer: take a separate shelf in a closet in a clean, dry room, which is not exposed to direct sunlight. If the collection is too large, then, so that the records are not crowded, make a separate rack for them.

By the way, you can buy special shelves that vinyl manufacturers offer. They are designed so that the records stand freely on them, and it is convenient to take them from the shelf. Some firms equip shelves for storing records with elements such as doors or drawers. This allows not only to protect the collection from dust, but also to protect the exhibits from accidental falling off the shelf.

You can, however, store the records not standing, but lying down. In this case, the stack should contain no more than 20 records. Otherwise, there is a risk of deformation, and this, of course, will adversely affect the sound of the recordings in the

Special protective covers will also not be superfluous. They will keep both covers and labels almost in their original form. And you can always admire them or brag to your friends. These covers are especially relevant for collectible, rare items.

We think that we can not remind you to take records only with clean hands. A true vinyl connoisseur will never grab a copy without washing his hands. But our skin is constantly shedding sweat and oil, so even washing is no guarantee that your records will stay clean. That is why you should take them only on the very edge or on the label.

A faulty or dirty pickup can also affect sound quality.

vinyl. Therefore, to protect your music collection, try to clean the player itself as regularly as possible. This can be done with special needle brushes, which are sold either in specialized stores or on the Internet. And they are quite inexpensive. A soft brush for cleaning the pickup is also suitable for maintenance. The main thing is to act with it very carefully so as not to accidentally damage the needle.


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