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Which two microscopes generate three-dimensional images ?



Which of the two microscopes below can generate three-dimensional images? Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) are the abbreviations for scanning electron microscopy and scanning tunnelling microscope, respectively. SEM (scanning electron microscope) and TEM (thermal electron microscope) are two types of electron microscopes (transmission electron microscope) Two types of microscopes are a scanning tunnelling microscope and a transmission electron microscope. Microscopes are divided into two types: compound light microscopes and scanning electron microscopes.

The correct answer is

The correct answers are an electron microscope scan and a tunnelling microscope scan.

The SEM is a type of electron microscope that creates three-dimensional images by scanning the surface of an object with a focused electron beam. The electrons of the specimen’s atoms provide a range of signals, including information on the specimen’s composition and topography.

A scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) is a device that scans the surfaces of three-dimensional pictures at the atomic level. A solution with a depth of 0.01 nm and a lateral resolution of 0.1 nm is sufficient in this circumstance.


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