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Why Does Everyone Use Torch-Flame Butane Cigar Lighters?

Why Does Everyone Use Torch-Flame Butane Cigar Lighters?

Despite the popularity of Bics and Zippos, the majority of cigar smokers use torch cigar lights, which run on butane lighter fuel.

We rounded up some of the common questions on Google regarding cigar lighters and compiled the answers in one place. See if you can find the answer to yours here.

Are Butane Lighters Good for Cigars?
Yes, butane lighters are good for cigars. In fact, all things considered, they are the best for cigars.

This is because butane burns very cleanly and will not impart flavor to tobacco. By contrast, lighters that use liquid lighter fluid, like naphtha, will impact a chemical flavor into your tobacco – not good.

By contrast, butane cigar lighters are reliable, effective, and do not alter the flavor of the cigar. When they burn, they produce only heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide.

Are Torch Lighters Better for Cigars?
Butane torch lighters definitely have their advantages and many cigar smokers prefer them.

One of the advantages of torch lighters, also known as jet lighters or jet flame torch lighters is that they are nearly windproof. This is a big bonus to cigar smokers who smoke outdoors, as it is possible to achieve an even, reliable light even in windy conditions.

A quality lighter with a jet flame also offers the benefit of directionality to the smoker. That is, you can “point” the flame in any direction whereas the light of a soft flame lighter only burns “up.”

This feature makes it easy to toast the foot of a cigar with the jet flame of a torch lighter.

What Sort of Butane Should I Use? Does It Matter?
Torch-flame butane cigar lighters have very narrow, pressurized jets that release the butane lighter fuel. These jets can become clogged by residue and dust which will prevent the lighter from working properly.

Therefore, if you have a jet flame lighter, it’s a good idea to use only highly-refined butane, such as triple refined butane.

These grades of refined butane are ultra-pure and contain fewer impurities, which means they burn more cleanly and are less likely to clog your lighter’s jets. If you use purer butane, your lighter will last longer.

Can You Use a Soft Flame Lighter to Light a Cigar?
Absolutely! There are actually still some purists who insist on lighting cigars with matches and cedar spills, which throw the same kind of soft yellow flame. The difference is, that cedar and wooden matches will impart flavor, and a butane cigar lighter won’t.

At any rate, you can use a soft flame cigar lighter and there are actually a few advantages to doing so. While the lighter flame is not directional, soft flame lighters don’t consume fuel as aggressively as jet flame lighters so one fill will last longer.

Another advantage to using soft flame butane cigar lighters is that the flame doesn’t burn as hot, which means it’s harder to scorch the foot of the cigar or the wrapper, which can adversely affect the flavor.

Where Can I Get a Quality Butane Cigar Lighter?
You can get torch-flame butane cigar lighters, triple refined butane, and other smoking accessories like ashtrays and punch cutters online at Rocky’s Cigars (

They carry a wide range of butane cigar lighters from Xikar, Colibri, S.T. DuPont, and Rocky Patel, among others.

They also offer a wide range of premium cigars, including highlights from ACID, Arturo Fuente, Montecristo, Macanudo, My Father, Romeo Y Julieta, NUB, and countless others.

Visit their website via the list above or get in touch with them by phone at 888-216-5834 if you have any questions.

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