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Why Function Comes First During Kitchen Renovation

Why Function Comes First During Kitchen Renovation
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Everyone loves a cute kitchen with matching accessories and pristine countertops. But when planning your renovation, functionality should be your primary concern. After all, a good part of each day is spent preparing meals and often eating in the kitchen. Food storage, preparation, and cooking as well as cleanup should be convenient and keep the kitchen tidy. 

Hire a Kitchen Contractor 

A kitchen contractor knows how to design your new kitchen layout for faster and easier access to the equipment and foods that you will be working with. Typically, a three-point section of the room will keep the sink, stove, and refrigerator in close proximity. However, you may have various options for configuring these essential appliances in strategic ways. The contractor can advise you on coordinating electric and water connections where they will be most needed and help you choose a layout that works with your home. 

Choose Useful Appliances 

Don’t be dazzled by luxury stoves and refrigerators with more amenities than you need. And ask yourself if you will be able to control the odors coming from a new garbage disposal. You could end up making more work for yourself by purchasing new kitchen equipment that will make the space more crowded and require greater maintenance and care. Buy only what you will use on a regular basis rather than a gimmicky device that will gather dust from nonuse and take up valuable counter space. 

Plan the Kitchen’s Workspace 

Before furnishing your renovated kitchen, organize the layout. Plan for adequate workspace on the countertops and a possible island with shelves for cookware and preparatory utensils. You may want to install a sideboard to your countertop for added space where you can knead dough, chop veggies, and measure recipe ingredients. You could also plan space for an extra folding table if needed for holidays and special cooking events. Avoid multi-level countertops that might make the kitchen feel crowded. 

Include Plentiful Storage 

Incorporate storage areas in your remodeled kitchen by installing stacked cupboards for dishware and plates as well as glasses and cups. Check out contemporary shelving designs and insertable dividers that maximize available space in and above or below kitchen cupboards. There are styles that can be hidden from view to ensure a sleek and coordinated impression of the updated kitchen. 

Kitchens are a great place to relax with friends and family or to spend time alone with a beverage or snack. But their primary function is for utilitarian purposes to ensure comfortable and efficient food preparation.


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