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So the idea of ​​a rotary hand system with blade rubber leaves was clearly in the 1900s and women were not considered to have that kind of intelligence for many years, so Robert in the 1960s. The previous inventions have become “history”. This is a good development of the previous wiper, another story because Ford stole the patent and the intellectual copyright law has been in place for years.

Considering the window cleaners known today and this article, the practicality of the house, the convenience of housewives, the person responsible for cleaning the office, even if you are not a mechanic, and the robots you have ever used. Designed to fulfill the functions of the Vinduespudser.

The exact function of a glass vacuum cleaner

You can find bird droppings, sticky paper, dead insects, organic debris, and more on your windows, large windows, exterior or interior stained glassjust with water and detergent. It’s hard to get rid of it. So it’s a good idea to keep all the tools you need in a small bag or box that you can keep close at hand.

The name itself indicates the function you have to perform, but you have to do it well. This and previous articles provide an overview of the most important things you need to know about these handy devices, wherever you are. , Home, office, location, business, car showroom, etc if you have glass or crystals, you need complete and proper equipment to carry out any cleaning.

What is the right tool for cleaning glass?

This also applies to glazed surfaces and excellent glass cleaners. Glass can be washed with a glass bucket or bucket without wasting water or special soap. Otherwise, cleaning will not be effective. There is no shortage of glass humidifiers (or glass soakers). Thanks to the built-in microfiber material or cloth, it can get the job of cleaning the windows going in the best possible way.

It is also important to have a surface scraper with a spare blade between the glass cleaning devices, enough rolling paper to clean the scraper if necessary, or a glass guide to keep it fresh. There may be no shortage of excellent telescopic ladders or telescopic handles to reach the height of the ground.

You need the number of a store that sells rubber bands and other spare parts, which are needed if the rubber bands used for kontor rengøring deteriorate or disappear over time, or the address of the site.

Provided by the window cleaning team

The polish ability and polish ability of the glass makes it easy to clean, but it is impeccable, because stains on the surface, especially greasy stains, fingerprints and veils left when using water for dry cleaning are clearly visible. Cleaning is difficult.

For glass objects, it is enough to rub with a dry cloth or paper, the remaining opaque layers are dried with water and the detergent is gone, but for large objects, like dirt. Glass windows, things are not so simple and you have to use a special glass cleaner. To do this, you need to consider which glass cleaner is best for you.


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